Humanity Rights An d Freedom

Human rights are rights and freedoms, founded on human dignity and the idea that every person globally is entitled to guaranteed basic rights simply because of being human.  카지노사이트 Legally, states (the duty-bearers) have an obligation towards individuals (the rights-holders) to ensure the equal fulfilment of human rights without any discrimination based on, for instance, nationality, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, … Read more

automotive industry

automotive industry, all those companies and activities involved in the manufacture of motor vehicles, including most components, such as engines and bodies, but excluding tires, batteries, and fuel. 카지노사이트 The industry’s principal products are passenger automobiles and light trucks, including pickups, vans, and sport utility vehicles. Commercial vehicles (i.e., delivery trucks and large transport trucks, often called semis), though … Read more

8 Simple Ways To Break
A Bad Habit

Many of us often subconsciously pick up bad habits and forget about them. Like keeping the door left open, drinking too much tea/coffee, being addicted to drugs, sugar, or chain-smoking.  While we may not pay heed to most of these unless we are in total awareness of our being, these habits could creep up and … Read more

Oral Hygiene Basics: Bad Habits to Avoid

Having a firm understanding of oral hygiene basics can prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and general oral discomfort. Human beings go through life developing a range of habits that impact oral health, some of which are good and some of which are bad. 카지노사이트 Avoiding these damaging behaviors promotes strong teeth and gums that can last a … Read more

Medical devices: Technology addressing medical wellbeing

Bernard Ross, CEO of Sky Medical Technology, looks at how wearable medical technology can address some of the most critical medical issues of the 21st Century A key trend of the 21st Century will be providing effective healthcare to an ageing global population. Everybody wants to live a 카지노사이트 longer and more fulfilled life, but it … Read more

Political Issues Students Care About

Students are more politically engaged — and campuses more polarized — than ever. Top social issues for college students include climate change and college affordability. Activism around Black Lives Matter has made racial justice a strong priority for students. College campuses have been political hot spots since the mid-1960s. Issues that dominated campuses during the Vietnam War … Read more

Articles on Future of humanity

Asked in 2003, the UK’s astronomer royal, Martin Rees, 카지노사이트 gave our present society 50/50 odds of lasting until the end of the century. It’s fair to say the odds haven’t improved in the years since he made this call. The planet is warming, a pandemic runs wild, the threat of nuclear war still hangs overhead and … Read more

How EFI Automotive is Anticipating Industry Metamorphosis

The automotive revolution is underway. Combustion engines will be replaced by electric vehicles. New mobility services are on the road. How are traditional automotive companies anticipating this shift? We spoke with Beatrice Schmidt, CEO of EFI Automotive. The 85-year-old French manufacturer of automotive engines and powertrain sensors is changing its strategy to embrace this new future. Can … Read more

Break Free of Your Bad Habits

Struggling With a Bad Habit? Have a bad habit that you’re trying to get rid of, but not sure where to start?  You are not alone! Bad habits can be an array of things. 카지노사이트 It could be staying up too late at night, surfing the internet or scrolling through social media too much during the … Read more