How humanity is alienated from life

What is it that we call human or being human? 카지노사이트 Is humanity the thought of humans? We denote ourselves as humans because we think that humanity is far superior to animals and living. Any species would think that way. In fact, humanity symbolises an understanding of humans about humans. When we do not understand … Read more

Humanitude, or how to quench the thirst for humanity

It has become commonplace to say that our world, which is in the grips of a multidimensional and seemingly never-ending crisis, is in very, very bad shape. 바카라사이트This crisis, in fact, reveals a loss of meaning, reinforced by a trend towards the homogenization of the world’s cultures, brought on by an accelerated globalization of markets. … Read more

Humanity Rights An d Freedom

Human rights are rights and freedoms, founded on human dignity and the idea that every person globally is entitled to guaranteed basic rights simply because of being human.  카지노사이트 Legally, states (the duty-bearers) have an obligation towards individuals (the rights-holders) to ensure the equal fulfilment of human rights without any discrimination based on, for instance, nationality, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, … Read more

Articles on Future of humanity

Asked in 2003, the UK’s astronomer royal, Martin Rees, 카지노사이트 gave our present society 50/50 odds of lasting until the end of the century. It’s fair to say the odds haven’t improved in the years since he made this call. The planet is warming, a pandemic runs wild, the threat of nuclear war still hangs overhead and … Read more