How humanity is alienated from life

What is it that we call human or being human? 카지노사이트 Is humanity the thought of humans? We denote ourselves as humans because we think that humanity is far superior to animals and living. Any species would think that way. In fact, humanity symbolises an understanding of humans about humans. When we do not understand something we bring that which is not understood into the precincts of understanding by definitions in words and symbols. We give fancy names like ‘humanity’ here. Something that is not understood is disguised into an understanding. The definition becomes the truth.

Humanity and being human are explained in the parlance of words like cultured, good, refined, civilised, kind gentle, polite, learned, non-violent. Etymologically word ‘human’ is derived from ‘humain’ from old French which means ‘of or belonging to man’. When we go into the root of the word ‘human’ we find something that is human means ‘of humans’. Things that would belong to humans define the definition of human and humanity. So we find nothing esoteric about the word humanity. Cultures and civilisations define humanity. The understanding of ‘being human’ in one culture may exactly be the opposite in the other. 

               Our understanding of humanity is buried in layers of words. Layers of meanings are attached to them. But do we know ‘being human’ to be precise? We might define it in terms of cultural connotations and goodness. If goodness is humanity then what is being violent? Does violence not define humanity? So then we divide God into two-the God and the Devil.

Who are you? Where you have come from? What is your goal? Why are you here? Are you an inhabitant of this planet or another planet? Are we aliens in disguise as humans on earth? 

It seems logical when we think that we come from an unknown planet and go back there. Whether that planet is on earth, or in heaven or somewhere in the universe. Seers know that. Religions name that as heaven. Science says ‘it is unknown so far’. 

Layers of meanings tend not to define that which is indefinable. Religion repeat words of the awakened ones like Buddha, Jesus, Krishna to define the definition of the indefinable. Words that were once used by Buddha, Jesus or Krishna are repeated to transfer the experience of an understanding of that vast existence that immerses all. A lie is pedalled as the truth.

One day science may define that which is undefined today. But science cannot define something that is indefinable. Religion tends to define that which is indefinable. But the definition cannot be defined. The awakened ones set milestones and indications to go towards the truth. 바카라사이트 But humanity is enamoured with milestones as if milestones are the goal of humanity. One has to go beyond milestones to walk on them.  

Sounds that are coded into words of languages in scriptures and retrieved is not the goal of humanity. Buddha has said that ‘life is dukkha and there is a way to go out of it’. If you begin to repeat what Buddha has said it is of no meaning. Or if you begin to believe because Buddha has said so there is a way to go out of Dukkha. It is like a blind man’s understanding of the light. Sounds are not the manifestation of the truth. Buddha gave you an indication so that you walk on your own path, not Buddha’s path, to know the understanding of being human.

The idea of an alien planet is in all religions. Religions define after-life when follows words written in scriptures one goes to Swaraga or Baikuntha or Bahista or Jannat or else goes to opposite hells. It is said that our desires and hopes that are unfulfilled here, many multiples of them are instantly fulfilled in heaven in barter for giving up desires of this world. Or otherwise, our fears are realised in multiples in hell. It has been defined by so-called religious people that to go to these alien planets where one gets springs of booze and desires are fulfilled instantly is the goal of our life. But that seems childish. 

Hindus believe that Krishna said in the Gita that you are not the doer. But by this doctrine, Hindus invented a new understanding of karma to become complacent culture. 

Our understanding that comes from our intellect is in fact illusion of understanding. That we do not understand we coin beautiful words to define it. Indefinable cannot be defined within boundaries of words and intellect. Words are like lines drawn on the water of intellect. That which is the truth cannot be defined by them. 온라인카지

You say that your eyes see, ears hear and intellect understands. In fact, neither do your eyes see nor your ears hear nor does your intellect understand. You think you are intelligent because you think. You may say that you are a godly person because you go to a temple or church or mosque. 

Your senses of seeing or hearing may only see or hear what you wish to see or hear. But your eyes cannot see who you are. Understanding emerges when you understand that what you see, hear, feel, touch, taste, sense is not you. In fact, when you imbibe this code into your self-knowing, you will for the first time have a glimpse of who you are.

A man comes on this earth. He is incarnated into the form. That which is formless enters the form and the most mystical event ‘life’ is born. The marriage of the formless into the form begins. Some religions worship that God is formless, while others believe God is of forms. Hindus believe in both. There is no difference. But all such beliefs and understandings are mere imaginations.

Life is relative and happens in oneness and our understanding is fragmented. Our senses are part of intellect. Intellect does not take us far. Your consciousness is in fact beholder of the intellect and who is conscious about your consciousness, is you? 

Seers say that we don’t go anywhere from here but we remain here once we are no more in the form. Life and death are not opposite but two points of one same thing-the event when formless incarnates the form and disembodies the form. How does formless incarnate the form? How does the formless enter the womb and is born to this world in a formless form? The mystery of life is unfathomable and understanding is dawned on awakened ones.

Our small intellect cannot understand that which has formed the universe that which forms light and darkness that which holds existence. Our understanding is small and is coded into the mind as intellect. Our intellect cannot fathom the depth of That-Which-Is. That-Which-Is indefinable, unknowable, infinite and beyond limits and description of the intellect. 

You cannot understand That-Which-Is but you can know That-Which-Is. What you see is not you. What you hear is not you. What you feel is not you. You are the beholder of your feelings. Beholder of your consciousness. Be in the being-ness of your being to know who you are. Truth is very vast. Our mind is very small. Truth surrounds you from all sides. You are in the truth. You can be the truth because you are the truth but your mind cannot understand the truth. You have to go beyond your mind.

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